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The earth’s soils are constantly moving, and with freezing, thawing, flooding and drought, those soils expand and contract causing them to often fail beneath concrete structures. The damaging effects Mother Nature wreaks on concrete flatwork happens during any season.  Property owners are often faced with the daunting and potentially expensive task of replacing their failed concrete.  Many make the mistake of repairing their concrete the old way – by mudjacking it.


Liftech specializes in polyurethane injections, an alternative to replacement or mudjacking. The material is injected as a liquid and through a chemical reaction, it forms an expandable, closed-cell foam that stabilizes the loose soils (often the root of the problem), while lifting

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Sometimes a simple tweak to the most mundane thing can make the biggest difference. MightyText, a free downloadable app, syncs text messages across devices. This means that when a normal text is received, the text is pushed to apps and plugins on your other devices, such as your computer or tablet. So, if you forget to charge your phone, as an example, MightyText allows you to keep up with the conversation from your computer.

The main thing I love about MightyText is that it syncs all my contacts from my phone so I can text anyone I want from my computer instead of having to use my phone. I'm much faster sending and responding to texts on my computer with a full keyboard rather than typing on my phone. 

The MightyText app lets you mark favorite

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20140331_113607As your RE/MAX Professionals real estate agent, my goal is to get the maximum number of potential buyers to view your home. Sentrilock's electronic lockboxes help maximize the number of showings by making it convenient for me to show your property while providing top security.

With the old manual lockboxes, the code would be given out to all the agents who would show the property, contractors that needed to access the home, the photographer, the person who took measurements of the home, the inspector and the appraiser. What was to prevent them from entering your home without authorization, or from not passing along the code to other people to access the home?

Following are advantages of the new electronic lockboxes:

  • Top security
  • Won't
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Chrome_1P_omniboxGoogle's address bar, sometimes called the "Omnibox," not only doubles as a search box, but can also be used to provide you with a lot of other useful information.  Following is an example of how to create keyword shortcuts that lead to websites by using Google Chrome's Omnibox:

  1. Open your Chrome browser
  2. Go up to google chrome omnibox
  3. Right click
  4. Go to "Edit Search Engines"
  5. Find "Other Search Engines"

Once there, create your keyword shortcut. Let's create one for Facebook as an example:

  1. Type in your search engine being "Facebook."
  2. Type in the keyword you want to use, such as the first two letters for Facebook being "fa."
  3. Type in the URL being "" then you're done.

The reason Google's Omnibox is

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It is convenient to have your information auto-populate when you login to a site you visit frequently...but not when your username auto-populates incorrectly.

This is a situation I came across this week when a site I log into on a daily basis saved my username incorrectly. Every time I logged in, I would have to remove the auto-populated information and re-enter it. It started getting on my nerves!

Following is how to fix this problem:

  • Go to Settings in Chrome (or use the following URL: chrome://settings/)
  • Click Advanced at the bottom of the Settings
  • Click Manage Saved Passwords
  • Find the link for the site you want to change
  • Click the X at the end of that line to remove it
  • Go back in and re-save your new information

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Google recently launched its note-taking application called Google Keep which is receiving rave reviews for being a cleaner alternative to Evernote, known as the current note-taking application king.Google Keep1

I recently test drove Google Keep and give it a thumbs-up! It’s a great way to become paperless and keep track of notes instead of doing it the old-fashioned way with a pen and notebook. You can quickly jot down notes and sync it with your phone, if you want to. It’s a great desktop application. You can color code notes (which is particularly handy for managing multiple lists and pieces of saved content), add location- and time-based reminders and set-up a to-do list. One of the best features is that you can search your notes. Google Keep is so much

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